• Peter Funch’s Babel Tales Redux

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Peter Funch’s Babel Tales Redux

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Please join us on Tuesday Sept. 6th to celebrate the opening of Peter Funch‘s Babel Tales Redux.

From the press release:

Babel Tales Redux marks an end and a beginning. Peter Funch’s 5 year long exploration of the streets of New York has reached its conclusion and the exhibition unveils the result: 40 monumental panoramic works. This is the first time the complete Babel Tales series will be shown in the city, in which the series is rooted.

We invite you to view this remarkable series with us at V1 gallery hosted by KWPF Space at 558 West 21st St, New York.  The show opens on Tuesday, September 6th.

You can see more work by Peter Funch on the Levine/Leavitt site.