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Play With Oreo

Alex Trochut, Art Direction, Brosmind, Craig & Karl, Design, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers, Installation, Interview, Typography

Oreo is inviting their fans to reconsider what it means to play with their food. They invited ten unique artists from around the world to put their spin on the treat for the “Play With Oreo” campaign that launched in January and continues this month. The illustration geniuses of Brosmind, Craig & Karl, and Alex Trochut injected personality and style into friendly characters, and in turn, gave life to delicious, creative masterpieces. If you’re out and about in New York, Los Angeles, or Indianapolis, snap a picture and let us know how you #PlayWithOreo.

Alex Trochut

Last year Oreo reached out and asked me to create artwork for an exciting and collaborative campaign set to launch in 2015. The campaign’s mission was to to inspire creativity in a universal way, so that people of all ages around the world could relate. I was asked to select one of three words that describe the different ways people approach their Oreo cookie and then integrate it with my own personal style. 

The word DUNK resonated with me most, and this image of characters made from Oreo heads and milk bodies playing ball came quite clearly. For this project, I teamed up with the talented Freddy Arenas, who did a great job bringing this idea to life on a realistic 3D level. The final result is a frozen moment of gravity zero, where we moved towards an image that blurred the lines between abstract and figurative, creating a choreography of milk splashes dunking cookies, an imaginative departure from the usual scene of cookies and milk on a table.”

Alex Trochut


“Oreo came to us with this fantastic idea: if you look an Oreo cookie from a certain angle, you can actually see a smiling face. From there, we were asked to invent the character wearing that head on it’s shoulders. Our proposals should be related in any way with any of these three defining concepts of the Oreo world: DUNK, ROLL and TWIST. 

If you know the works of Brosmind, you will notice that we specialize in creating characters, so this project was really exciting for us. Also, the type of characters we do have a characteristic fluidity and slapstick movements that fit perfectly with those words that Oreo proposed us.The creative process worked in a very natural way, just let the creativity flow to get the right feeling.

As always, we began quickly sketching in our respective sketchbooks. Then we put those ideas together and decided which direction worked best. After studying the different approaches of the concepts, the following were chosen to be completed: TWIST and DUNK.

From there, we started the pencil drawing, a collaborative and equitable process in which the sheet of paper passes from one to another constantly, as we have exactly the same style of drawing. As usual, that was the most important part of the process, because is there when we define exactly the composition and soul of the piece. After that point, everything becomes easier and more technical. Juan is in charge of the inking and Alejandro does the coloring.

We are very happy with the final result of the illustrations, because we think we managed to bring the project into our world without losing the essence of Oreo. They are dynamic pieces, with nice flow and a feeling of inner optimism to which we fully identify.”


Craig & Karl