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Caffe What If

Design, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers, Pomme Chan

Pomme Chan has been busy in Bangkok this past fall as her very own Pomme-branded cafe, Caffe What If, has opened to the public. Everything from windows, to cushions, to tableware and upholstery, features her beautiful hand-drawn creations.

How did Caffe What If come to be? 
What If is a lifestyle brand, and since food and design are a big part of everyone’s lives, the idea of having a caffe and a showroom in one place seemed to be the answer. What If is the place where people can come in and enjoy food in the environment we’ve created while browsing selected decor items.
What was the process from start to finish in making this dream a reality?
Well, actually it’s all happened very fast! From ideas of having a Caffe & a showroom to forming our team, sketching, coming up with a menu and the interior design, it all happened within three months. So my partners and I had been working really hard to achieve what we set up to do. Luckily, we each specialize in different fields and we just combined what we’re good and passionate about together. I think respecting each others opinions and trust is the key. I trust them to do what they’re good at and they do the same. 
How would you describe the cafe’s mood/ambience.
Probably it’s the feeling of Sunday afternoon when you just want to be chilled out with your loved ones, gathering friends and family for a nice meal and  sharing in your happiness. You’ll never want that kind of  Sunday to end.

What is the best selling item off the menu?
Our Grandpa’s stewed pork in rich gravy with poached egg served with rice is favourite for main course and we have selections of Mariage Freres Tea from France / Bellocq Tea from Brooklyn for tea lovers too.
How do you take your coffee?
I like it simple, just paper filtered coffee, black.