• Central World – Central Art of Bangkok

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Central World – Central Art of Bangkok

Design, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers, Pomme Chan

Central World, the Bangkok-based mega shopping experience,  is now featuring a show of Pomme Chan’s work in a larger space than usual – the halls of first floor. Each of the 12 pieces in the series is printed on cloth, backlit and displayed as an illuminated frame, creating a bright glow for the public to enjoy in a very open setting.

Pomme’s work is inspired by the geometry and shape of the letter O, which is represented as the symbol of Central World.  The main shape of the artwork is circular, evoking the concept of globalization.  The circle is reinforced with the characteristics of 12 types of modern people – Beauty Guru, Creative, Dandy, Dreamer, Foodies, Glam, Minimalist, Photographer, Street, Sweet Sixteen, Sweet Tooth, Traveller.  Each character in these picture is interpreted and shown through different visual displays such as objects, nature, or texture. The entire series is done in bright and cheerful colors.

The show will be on display until November 30th.