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Lulu Guinness

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Illustrator Pomme Chan was chosen by British fashion designer Lulu Guinness to be one of their Modern Day Icons of 2016.

Modern Day Icons is a unique project inspired by the Lulu Guinness design team’s love of culturally interesting women. They tracked down a series of inspirational, informed, and passionate females that are endeavoring to change the world in their own special ways.

These women aren’t defined by their social status, they are rebels with a cause, admired for the actions they carry out, the art they create, and the communities they care for. Five desirable attributes set these women apart from the rest and bring them to life – attributes present in our own brand and beliefs. The Modern Day Icons is a celebration of these attributes and an online looking glass gazing into the details of their Modern Day Icons’ lives, loves and lessons.  Pomme Chan is exactly that type of woman.  We proudly share some of her work inspired by the Lulu Guinness S/S 2016 collection.

You can read a bit more about Pomme on the Lulu Guinness site here.