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Singha Beer

Design, Illustration, Illustrators/Designers, Pomme Chan

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Artist Pomme Chan created the illustrations for Singha Beer’s UK National campaign.  The concept of  the campaign is about Golden Treasure.  Because Singha is not mainstream beer brand, one that you can’t find in every bar, they used the idea of a treasure hunt to make it feel exclusive.  They also wanted to show the heritage of Singha with references to Thailand and its long history through the Chaopraya river.

For the launch, Singha Beer partnered with Dazed and Confused, working with 3 artists to create guides to their favorite cities in the UK.

Singha Secrets is a collaborative project between Dazed and Singha – the original Thai beer and treasured secret – where some of our favourite up-and-coming creative talents showcase an insightful and behind-the-scenes guide to their home cities of London, Leeds and Brighton.

The artists represent the emerging music and art communities of their respective cities, giving us a deeper look at the personal places that have inspired their work. Singha Secrets is a unique snapshot of today’s thrilling creative culture, all to be discovered across the UK.

Pomme’s city is London, you can check it out here: