• S Magazine shoot by Peter Funch

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S Magazine shoot by Peter Funch

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Photographer Peter Funch worked with stylist Luke Langsdale to create these racy images for the Volume 12 issue of S Magazine.

We caught up with Peter for a few words about the shoot:

“I came up with the idea about girls in the these old scenes where nudity really is not seen  I have always loved old photos from the unknown photographers, so I went to the New York Historic Library to look at old books with photos from NYC from the 20’s and 30’s.  I used these photos as the background and then shot the girls in my studio posing as if they were there with the people back then.  I then super imposed it in post production.  Luke Langsdale the stylist had found vintage clothing that fit into that time period.

“It was great to do something very cheerful, a bit naughty and cabaret inspired for a change.  Also working with something that had a whole other look than I’m used to working with.  The response to the shoot has been that it looks very believable and did not look like anything I’ve shot.  I have good responses from the models saying that it was great to see the final images after running around naked in the studio.”

You can see more work by Peter Funch on the Levine/Leavitt site.