• Mimetic Pollyalloy

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Mimetic Pollyalloy

Presenting Sawdust Studio’s “Mimetic Pollyalloy”. The series is an homage to sci-fi films and the groundbreaking visual effects artists who paved the way in computer animation, resulting in pop cult films such as TRON, Flight of the Navigator, and Terminator 2. Randel Kleiser, director of Flight of the Navigator, tells the story of when he asked his brother Jeffrey Kleiser, a pioneer in visual effects at the time, ‘is there any new things you can show me’. Jeffrey showed him a Tide commercial of a bottle morphing into something else and the beginnings of a technique that was being worked on called ‘reflectance mapping’. With that, the famous ship in the film was brought to life. These people who were right at the cutting edge of computer animation went on to inspire a wave of film directors, including James Cameron with his ‘mimetic polyalloy’, the liquid metal killing machine from the future, in Terminator 2.