• Audible’s MIND BODY ZONE with Deepak Chopra

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Audible’s MIND BODY ZONE with Deepak Chopra

Photographers, Photography, Sophy Holland


Photographer/ Director Sophy Holland was commissioned by Audible for their latest campaign, MIND BODY ZONE with Deepak Chopra. The new series aims to help listeners harness a mind-body connection and redefine their lives. To help make this happen, Chopra features 12 influential leaders to share their stories and how they used their mind-body connection as a way to improve their lives.

When asked about her approach, Sophy explained that she went about it “holistically, and thoughtfully: to try to create a striking visual narrative that supports the words and ethos of Deepak Chopra. I took the challenges and process of unboxing yourself in your life, such as distortion of appearance, privilege and expectations, being consumed by fear of failure, etc. and represented them with performers and everyday people in abstract sets that we built, fighting against the spaces. We added limitations in the sets such as tall stairs, a suspended 3d box, and a tube of fabric, and filmed them in their ‘worlds’ finding their way out. As with all processes, we see them being consumed, the process of breaking free, and final liberation.”