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Steve Wilson: Soja

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Steve Wilson , much like the reggae musicians behind Soja, is an artist consisting of multiple facets. For their newest release, entitled “Amid the Noise and Haste”, Steve created a sculptural album cover that incorporates five layers of laser cut plywood, reconstructed in Photoshop, to reveal a design that embodies the folk-inspired sound of the band.

“The first step in the process was a conversation with the band. They gave me their take on the album and what had inspired them when creating it, and we also discussed a little bit about possible content for the artwork. It was all kept fairly loose. That was the best thing about the project; they allowed me to take the lead with how we should approach it. As they are a reggae band and also having listened to some of the tracks on the album, I decided that the look of the cover shouldn’t be too digital but have a more crafted look. I suggested to the band that we create a design digitally so we could get the content right, but then laser cut it from wood to create a more crafted final piece. As always with album sleeves, there is a fair bit of back and forth and the bandmates were keen that the final design had some colour to it and so I decided to have the layers cut individually and scanned one by one.  I then pieced them back together in layers in photoshop which allowed me to colour it digitally.”
-Steve Wilson


Below is the finished product along with a progress shot sans-color.


Amid the Noise and Haste” will be released on August 12th and is available for pre-order on iTunes today.