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There Is Studio: TDC68 Winners!

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Congratulations to Sean Freeman & Eve Steben of There Is Studio and 360i for winning the TDC Advertising Award for typographic excellence! The TDC awards recognize typographic excellence and innovation along with the art and craft of design with a focus on how letterforms are drawn.

About the winning work: Built to Host was created for the New Orleans Tourism Board with the idea to incorporate their message ‘Built to Host’ into iconic NOLA elements, like their famed jazz heritage.

“We created this dimensional lettering within a tuba’s real-life intricate composition, as part of a New Orleans Tourism campaign, building messaging into iconic Nola elements with hints of hospitality and contextual headline embedded into inviting photographic scenes – here representing the historical jazz scene of the vibrant city. The typography was crafted as a 3-dimensional object based on the actual anatomy of this classic Nola instrument – using photogrammetry, realistic details and textures. Bending and connecting pipes and keys in the inner section of the original tuba to design the headline, we aimed to create a legible, believable photorealistic digital object, composited to be visually seamlessly held by a musician.”
– There Is Studio