• Typography Tuesday: More is More by Alex Trochut

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Typography Tuesday: More is More by Alex Trochut

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A sneak peek at illustrator and typographer Alex Trochut’s forthcoming book titled ‘More is More’, published by Index Book.   The book will include Alex’s body of work to date, with the illustration and richly ornamented lettering that makes him one of the most sought after talents.  Alex has worked with the likes of Wired and The New York Times as well as clients including Adidas and Coca-Cola.  Stay tuned for the release date of More is More.

Author, concept and Design: Dani Navarro
Texts by : Albert Martínez Lopez-Amor
Printer: Gràfiques Orient

You can see more of Alex Trochut’s work on the Levine/Leavitt site.