• How it Happened- Blackout at the Superbowl

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How it Happened- Blackout at the Superbowl

Animation, Motion, Yuval Haker

Yuval Haker was commissioned by the Players Tribune sports media group as the Design Director for their latest animation, How it Happened- Blackout at the Superbowl. The animation, which was produced for Turbo Tax and Roku, investigates the 2013 championship game in New Orleans, between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, in which a 40 minute blackout occurred after the halftime show. Some of our favorite clips from the animation are below, but you can enjoy the full story on Yuval’s instagram, here.



Creative Director Andrew Jerez
Executive Producer Christopher Grey
Design Director Yuval Haker
Editor Joe Slavin
Lead Animator Pavelas Laptevas
Animator / Storyboard Artist Mitch Fields
Animator Alon Sivan
Jr. Animator Jesse Ray Payne
Sound Design / Music Yuta Endo