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For the past eight years, Levine/Leavitt has proudly sponsored the One Club’s Young Guns Awards and created a successful Artist-In-Residence program for winners.

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Danaé Gosset
Danaé Gosset is an animation director, art director, and designer specializing in mixed-media moving images. Her aim is to continuously explore various techniques and evoke feeling using powerful narratives. Her work is rich in texture, mood, and storytelling.
Yuval Haker
Yuval was born on a warm summer's night in Palo Alto, California, and was raised between London and Tel Aviv. He currently lives and works in New York City.
Joyce N. Ho
Joyce N. Ho is a Hong Kong-born Australian designer and director brought up on a daily dose of ’90s cartoons, which led to her soft spot for the silver screen. A designer with a decade’s experience, there’s nothing she enjoys more than storytelling through motion and bringing ideas to life through design.
Armando Veve
Armando Veve is an illustrator working in Philadelphia.
Gemma O’Brien
Gemma O’Brien is an Australian artist known for her bold super-graphics, illustrative lettering and hand-painted murals. After dropping out of law school to pursue graphic design, she became inspired by letterpress printing and has since gone on to build a career around drawing, painting and digital design.